Hashtags are used just about everywhere. they make regular appearances in our social media posts. If you want to answer this question Do hashtags work on facebook?

It is a Yes. hashtags do work on facebook.

How To Hashtag On Facebook or different social media platforms and how does this affect the way that we use them for business?

These are some really interesting questions that I’ll try to answer inside this .

Hey, friends ! Here I want to talk about hashtags. Specifically, the different ways that hashtags are used across various social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

So let’s start

Now, How To Hashtag On Facebook?

So, Facebook hashtags work in a different way than they do on Instagram and Twitter.

This is because Facebook itself is much more focused on people, including those with private profiles.

Most people they don’t really use hashtags on Facebook unless it’s to express some kind of emotion, like “I’ve been trying to open this jar for the past 20 minutes.

No luck. Frustrated” And they don’t really SEARCH for hashtags there either.

Facebook is where you go to look for people or friends and sometimes groups or brands that you like. But that doesn’t mean that hashtags don’t have a place on Facebook.

On the contrary, this means that hashtags on Facebook have a much more specific use, especially in business.

So, a lot of brands – they actually forego using any Facebook hashtags, since as we mentioned, people don’t really use them to discover content or join in on conversations.

But all this changes when brands want to connect a series of Facebook posts. In this case, Facebook hashtags become super helpful.

How to track hashtags on Facebook

Beauty brand ipsy is a really good example of this. They created a series of short videos on Facebook, where they tested different products that could be found in their beauty subscription service.

Even though each video featured a different product, that could range from foot peels to eyeliner tape, they were all connected by the #IPSYForceOfNature.

So, anybody who watched one of their videos could just click on the hashtag, and be taken to what is essentially a playlist of all the videos in that series, helping viewers discover even more Facebook content from Ipsy.

So, this was just a really quick look at how hashtags work on different platforms.

Whether it’s to engage in conversation on Twitter, discover new content on Instagram, or connect a series of posts on Facebook.

Of course, they’re also used on other social media platforms, like YouTube, LinkedIn, Reddit.

But the number one tip that I have for you guys today, is that if you use hashtags for business on ANY platform – remember to track them.

See how many times they’re used, WHERE they’re used, WHEN they’re used, and WHO is using them.

I hope you learned something useful. if you have any questions, feel free to ask away in the comments section or just let me know what else you want to learn about.

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